Teeth Whitening You Can Trust

The last thing you want is dull or yellow teeth with your new perfect smile. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid foods and drinks that leave stains on your teeth. As time goes on, your smile’s brightness starts to dim.

To make sure that you leave our office with your best possible smile, we offer teeth whitening treatment to every patient who completes comprehensive braces or Invisalign treatment with us.

Opalescence™ Whitening Treatment

Opalescence uses innovative teeth whitening gel technology to provide quick and superior results. The gel’s distinctively sticky, viscous composition keeps the gel in place, allowing the whitening agent to enter your enamel and do its job. This safe, non-invasive, and effective whitening method is what has made Opalescence teeth whitening the global leader in professional teeth whitening and trusted by dentists and patients alike. The Opalescence teeth whitening system features:

  • Expert application at our office by a trained professional
  • Chemically activated whitening, which means no hot, uncomfortable LED teeth whitening lights are needed
  • Teeth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride for patient comfort
  • Noticeable whitening results in about an hour
  • A bright white smile as soon as you leave our office