Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with us!

Tung L.
Dr Kinser is nice and Casey is very helpful
Melissa F.
This office is the best! So professional, always on time appointments, and the doctors and staff are pleasant to be around. There is never a question to ask, where I haven’t received a response and explanation. I travel over an hour, just to be seen here, because no won’t trust any other orthodontists with my teeth! Thank you for being awesome!
Robert K.
What a GREAT group of people who work here. Great experience. They are so thorough, so patient and talented! Highly recommend!
Monika Y.
All 3 of my children, and myself, have received ortho care from Dr. Kimball and Dr. Kinser. I cannot say enough nice things about the quality of care we have received. All of the staff are friendly, kind and attentive. Appointments are easy to make and are on time. Our teeth and smiles all look fabulous!!
Ash S
I would recommend this place to everyone I know, the staff are super friendly and helpful. They have always been very accommodating and I cannot think of one bad time that I’ve had with them!-Ashley S
Julia W.
We had a good experience. Friendly, professional and efficient.
Our daughter just got her braces off and we are so happy with the results. Her teeth look amazing. The staff is so professional and I don’t think they were ever late for an appointment. As a busy mom of three kids this was amazing! Dr. Kimball is so talented and we loved getting to know Dr. Kinser as well. The assistants are kind and really connected with my daughter. My son is still in treatment so he will continue to enjoy the icees after each appointment. Overall, great team and loved the results.
Sadie L.
All three of my children have gone here and I'm on my third. Although they are expensive, it's worth it to know you are working with the best.
Shirley D.
Love this office! The dr and all the staff are amazing.
Patrick S.
I got braces here. They seem to be using top of the line systems and technology while maintaining a good price. Although it's hard to compare since I only need to buy braces once.They accepted my ppo insurance. Also, they didn't require that I get all possible basic dental work done before they would start Ortho. I'm glad about that.
Kami S.
Excellent experience, would definitely recommend to others. Flexible with days and times. I love that there are 2 offices, so we can really get the day and times that work for us. Love the monthly payments! Takes the sting out of paying for Ortho all at once:) thank you!
Stacey B.
Loved the staff and My daughter’s teeth look amazing.
Danielle P.
Dr. Kimball, despite the fact he is a slower marathon runner than myself (despite the fact he is so tall), I must emphatically state that he and his team are A+. Each of them. I want to specifically highlight the wonderful job they do of scheduling and (constantly) reminding you of your appointments…I mean constantly, it’s impossible to forget.All jokes aside, I left today and thought to myself “wow, I really enjoyed going there, and I’m going to miss them.” Thanks you guys 🥰
Milt S.
Hands down the best
Kimberly C.
We have used him for 4 of our kids. He is the beat and his staff is friendly and very easy to work with. I absolutely recommend him 100%
Alicia H
Great office!
Johnny R.
I took my daughter overseas to get braces thinking they do same job as here and cost was half. What a big mistake went to Dr Kimball and he said the braces in her teeth was last used 10 years ago in States. He pulled them out and put correct ones in My daughter is much happier and has no pain. We are very grateful to Dr Kimball and staff. Such a great place I would highly recommend them to anyone
Ray F.
I waited 20 years to get braces and I picked Kimball orthodontics for many reasons, but it wasn’t until I met Dr. Kimball that I realized I was in good hands. He has two separate locations one in Laguna Niguel and the other in Laguna Beach and they are absolutely beautiful and the staff matches the scenery. I’ve always been treated with nothing but respect and I’ve always been greeted with nothing less than a smile or laughter. Aside from both offices being immaculate they are in my opinion one of the most technologically advanced orthodontics offices I’ve ever stepped foot in, I have two sisters lol. I could not speak more highly of the staff or of Dr. Kimball, they are nothing but professional and just generally very happy people. Every time I walk out of that office I walk out happier than when I walked in. Thank you Dr. Kimball and I would like to say thank you to the staff that worked so hard to keep my teeth straight.Emily
Allison T.
We love this office, Dr. Kimball and everyone in the office. I have invisalign and both of my children have braces. My daughter just got hers off and we couldn’t be more pleased. They make everything easy and fun, and are extremely trustworthy. I would recommend them 100%. The two office locations make life really easy too!
What a great experience. Dr. Kimball and his assistants made the process more enjoyable than I had expected. Very nice environment AND free cookies!
Every single person there is super kind and always is gentle and will listen to you if you tell them that your uncomfortable. Would definitely recommend.
Stephanie C.
Dr. Kimball and his team are awesome! After a bad orthodontist experience, I was reluctant to get treatment, but Kimball worked together with his brother who is a dentist to put together a treatment plan. Best thing I ever did and now I am so happy with my teeth!Overall, Dr. Kimball and his team are trustworthy, flexible, and caring. I don’t trust anyone else with my teeth!
Tyler C.
Dr. Kimball is the best! The staff is friendly and amazing.
Dixie H.
Kimball ortho is Awesome! My daughter got her braces removed today with Casey and her teeth took perfect.
Aimee B.
Always have good service. I like that they have a station so you can brush your teeth. They are always really nice and they have cookies. (Maddie, 12 years old)
Haidi V.
My son was dreading about getting his braces. However, the staff made him feel very comfortable & at ease. Not to mention that they are always very friendly & knowledgeable
Jacqui B.
Kimball Orthodontics is a pleasant experience from beginning to end, which says a lot for any dentistry related treatment visit! After seeing the brilliant smile Dr Kimball achieved for my teenage daughter, I went into braces for the frst time to correct my bite and overcrowding. Having all of my wisdom teeth, I wasn't expecting to be able to keep those and correct my crowding but Dr Kimball was confident I had the space. At this half way point of my treatment, my teeth have been flared to make space, and my teeth are in line for the first time. It has been a process and I cannot wait to have the brackets removed to reveal the panoramic smile Dr Kimball is known for.
Franswa B
perfect smile
Robin R.
Dr. Kimball and his office staff are incredible! They are caring and professional and always helpful. My daughter went to Dr. Kimball for braces a couple of years ago and we are so pleased with the results. Her teeth look beautiful! Every appointment with Dr. Kimball was handled quickly and efficiently. New appointments were always set at a time that worked with our schedule. It is a pleasure to go to Dr. Kimball's office because everyone is so friendly. Thank you Dr. Kimball!
Tiffany C.
Cannot begin to tell how AMAZING our entire experience with Dr. Kimball's office has been. From the first consult to our retainer visit - everyone and everything about the office is great! My son never once complained about having to go to appointments and the office worked around our crazy busy schedule to make sure we could get in when it worked for us! LOVE the late evening appointments. Thank you ALL for EVERYTHING!
Vince G.
I came in over the holidays and found a very pleasant receptionist and tech. I believe they stayed a little late to accommodate me!I have had permanent retainers for years and use to go to another ortho in town once or twice a year to recement or replace.After the tech cemented back in the top retainer a few years ago I have not had to have it redone!I do need a little cement in one area now.Do you take monarch/healthnet ins?
Marissa L.
We interviewed several orthodontists before deciding on Dr. Kimball and we couldn not be happier with our choice. His front office staff go above and beyond to accommodate appointments around school schedules and even when we had a bracket come loose they fit us in asap. The hygentists are always smiling, happy and gentle with my son. Dr. Kimball is very caring, professional and upfront with his treatment plan. I personally felt like the price was fair and the methods he is using are the latest technology; other orthodontic offices we interviewed didn't have the pano X-ray machine in house and expected us to pay for X-rays, bring them back and then they'd give us an "estimate". We have a two stage treatment and are only about halfway through with stage two but I highly recommend Kimball Orthodontics to anyone interested in fixing their smile.
Everything fantastic, only a little bit of a wait
Katharina M.
Sweet staff!
Sky N
Great place to get your perfect smile. I'm 28 years old getting braces a second time, I wish I'd gone through Kimball dental the first time, great staff, great location, looking forward to going through the rest of my treatment with them.
Stephanie B.
Excellent throughout the braces process. All staff are kind, efficient, patient, competent, and nice. The administrative process is electronically run but overseen very well by the staff and it is one of the more efficient systems I have experienced from a health professional office. I do not have a negative comment at all. My daughter felt safe (and she HATES dentists and procedures), well-cared for and she had fun.
Ashlee D.
I was able to change my appt and get in same day in the Laguna office. Thank you! We love Kimball Ortho!!
Christina S.
My kids like going to Dr Kimball. His staff area always friendly and welcoming. Dr K takes the time to explain.
Diana O.
I am always impressed by how punctual Dr. Kimball's staff is....we have never had to wait. Staff is friendly and the environment is very kid-friendly. My younger son even likes going for the video games and cookie. It has been a great experience so far.
Today my daughter started her TMJ therapy with Dr. Kimball, and I feel very confident about great future results.Thank you, Dr. Kimball.
Brenda C.
Always on time and great customer service!! My daughter loves going there. I got my braces with him about 7 yrs ago and now I'm back with my almost 8yr old daughter for phase 1!!!
Tyler K.
Kimball Orthodontics is great. The staff is always really friendly and kind, and they always get you in and out of the office quickly. You aren't constantly coming back to the office for checkups, and the treatment seems to fly by. Dr. Kimball always takes a minute or two to come by and make sure everything is going okay when you come in. I couldn't recommend Kimball Ortho enough.
Kenny O.
Dr. Kimble and the entire staff Rock!!!I never have to wait. Ever.The appointments are quick and painless.Everyone is friendly and helpful.Best Othodontist Team!!!Houston Nguyen
Dixie H.
Great Staff, Great Office. Very friendly and easy to work with .
Rory F.
Friendliest staff and took us right on always.
Robin R.
The staff at Dr. Kimball's office is always so friendly and helpful. My daughters check-up went smoothly and quickly and we were able to schedule her next appointment on a convenient date and time. I would highly recommend Dr. Kimball to anyone in need of an orthodontist!
Seyla B.
Dr. Kimball and his assistants are super nice people! I actually enjoy going to my Ortho appointments!! Thank you for my beautiful teeth!
Alex H.
Kimball Orthodontics has been wonderful to us over the years. They are accommodating if we need to change appointments with the kids' hectic schedule s. We would recommend them to everyone. The ability to use both offices is also a huge help.
Serenity C.
Very warm environment!! All the assistants are so sweet!!! The offices are very well put together and very clean!!!
Patricia M.
Dr. Kimball and his staff have seen the orthodontic treatment of all 3 of my children. I could not be happier with the results. I'm especially touched by the kindness of his staff who are marvelous to work with. I highly recommend this dental office as they not only address each child's unique dental needs, but their unique dental habits as well.
Laura O.
Love this office, always very organized, and kid friendly.
Carol N.
Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Kimball and staff. They are friendly, prompt and very professional.
Alex P.
Everybody Is so nice and I'm very satisfied with my teeth they look great !
Amy S.
The staff is always welcoming and friendly. They assuage the anxiety that my children have about orthodontia. All 4 of my boys (2 are now out of braces) have gone to this office. I highly recommend Dr. Kimball. The office is very welcoming, the cookies and refreshments are a nice treat and make it easy for us to come right after the kids get out of school. Their payment plans make the cost of braces easier on my pocketbook.
amy N.
My son got his braces on and Thanks to sweet Casey it was a breeze!!
Eroica B.
We bring our 10 year old daughter to Kimball Orthodontics and it has always been a great experience. The kids love to come, even my younger son enjoys going, and they do a wonderful job of making it a memorable and fun place to be. My daughter's teeth look so much better, they did a wonderful job! My daughter loves to tell people about how awesome Dr Kimball is! Thank you all for making it such a great experience for our family!
Claudia R.
I have known Dr Kimball And Staff For over 20 Yrs. They have always provided an excellent service to my referred patients and now to my daughters. They enjoy visiting the office. Great environment! Great staff! Great Doctor! Thank you.
Kimberly H.
I have 2 children who are patients at Kimball Orthodontics. Dr. kimball and his staff have been wonderful to work with. The office is efficiently run and we get in and out very quickly, and have rarely waited to be seen. Dr. Kimball's attention to detail is evident and he truly is the best Orthodontist. I have 2 more children who will need braces and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Jules H.
We were new to Southern California and had been referred to Dr. Kimball by our orthodontist in Atlanta. Can't say enough about the friendly staff and excellent care! The office is state-of-the-art and the people are wonderful! A great experience - even for my son who has the braces!
Laurelun W.
I am speaking for my son who is now on a mission. I brought him in for his appts. a few years ago and was so pleased with the entire staff and of course Dr. Kimball. The thing that I loved the most about his practice was that I could trust them all. I could trust that Dr. Kimball would not do more than was necessary to make a profit which meant a great deal to me because of past experience in the field of dentistry. As an adult in my 50's I will most likely be needing orthodontic work done and if and when, I will be seeking Doctor Kimball's expertise once again. Also, the office was clean, decorated nicely and a pleasant atmosphere which always is a plus.
Mark R.
Dr. Kimball and his staff are very professional and friendly; I never had to wait too long and felt at ease in their office. They made getting braces as an adult as simple and painless as possible.
Amy A.
My friend recommended Dr. Kimball to me when my son needed braces. His quote was all-inclusive of work from start to finish with no extra fees and costs. Dr. Kimball and all his staff are super nice and professional. All my son's apt's were on time, no sitting in the waiting room. They also provide an email apt. reminder week of your apt., which is more convenient than a phone call these days. Dr. Kimball is a perfectionist for sure and my son's teeth and smile came out beautiful and within the time frame the doctor quoted. It was such a great experience I almost wish I had more kids! Thanks Dr. K & Staff! Amy Avolevan
Cari K.
I was very nervous about my adult orthodontia! I never had braces in my youth so this was a big step for me. From the initial consultation to the day my braces were removed Dr. Kimball and his staff were amazing. Not only professional but truly caring. I looked forward to my appointments and was sad on my very last retainer check when Dr. Kimball told me he didn't need to see me again. I am thrilled with my new smile and delighted at the care I received over the two year process.
Daniel G.
I had a great experience today with my braces being removed. Both Jocelyn and Dr. Kimball were very friendly and professional. The difference between the before and after appearance of my teeth is astonishing. My teeth look new. Going back to my first appointment on June 28, 2012 until today, the entire staff has been wonderful! I will definitely refer friends and family to Kimball Orthodontics. Thank you!!!
Chelsea P.
I don't usually leave reviews for businesses, but loved my experience with Dr. Kimball and his wonderful staff so much, I had to. His office is beautiful and was always super accommodating. My kids loved the video games room and we all loved the free treats/cookies. Dr. Kimball was great at getting me through braces much faster than expected, while catering to my (sometimes very specific) desires and delivering the results I have wanted for years. The girls that work in the office are incredibly nice. I couldn't be happier with my new smile and HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE looking for an Orthodontist. Dr. Kimball is a total expert.
Kyle K.
Dr. Kimball did an amazing job with my wife's smile. Thanks for making my wife look even more beautiful!!